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She is like a flower. Delicate and sweet.

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White and black.

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Carlsbad. It ain’t bad…

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He works hard for his money.

Went on dad’s runs with him while in California. Terrifying, and handled at the same time. Puts life in perspective… He works hard for his money.

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We are who we are.

You’re insane, 

never to blame,

always on the war path, 

seemingly finishing last. 

You’re my older brother, 

same father, and mother. 

And you are, who you are. 

You’re younger than me, 

and unsure of who you want to be. 

Sheltered, and afraid,

but its soon your chance to be brave! 

Same father, different mother, 

you’re my little brother. 

You’ll eventually see,

you just are, who you are. 

You’re a sister, 

from a different mister. 

You’re the coolest of cats, 

always surrounded by rats. 

I can’t wait for you to show the world what I’ve always known to be true,

that there isn’t anyone who even comes close to comparing to you. 

You might not see it yet, 

but I will never let you forget, 

you already are, who you are. 

A worker bee, 

it’s all anyone can see. 

(But I’ve been shown your deep dark secret!) 

Your heart thats whole, and warm as can be! 

The softest of bears, 

would move the world if you cared. 

My father I now know and am proud to say, 

you are who you are. 

She’s beautiful, and younger than she appears, 

she’s been guiding my life from afar, for years. 

She’s neurotic beyond, 

and we have a unique bond. 

She lays out her cards, 

counts her blessings, and prays to the stars, 

and has always taught me, 

that you are who you are. 

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